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In 2022 FEUVA made this documentary film about Alan Johnston’s exhibition at the Pier Arts Centre, Orkney.

Andrew Parkinson, the Pier’s Curator, explains Alan’s inspirations – the Orkney landscape and its archaeological sites.

Alan Johnston was born in Scotland in 1945; he studied at the Edinburgh College of Art between 1967 and 1970. Latterly he was Professor at the College where he obtained a reputation for instilling in his students a sense of the boundless possibilities of art as well as paving the way for Scottish artists such as Douglas Gordon and Callum Innes to find a place on the international stage.

Alan has been at the forefront of contemporary art in Scotland since the 1960s, and has exhibited his fine abstract art in galleries across the world, most frequently in Germany, The Netherlands and especially Japan.

Alan Johnston in his own words:

My work explores spatial contexts and relations through drawing and architectural construction, reflecting on the spatial and tactual implications in architecture where perceptual notions are rendered as common factors in sight and touch. This field is closely related to the work of Patrick Geddes, Philosophical Generalism, and Gesamtkunstwerk. This is a comparative context, which has its roots in the practice of art, architecture and visual thinking in the West and the East, and relates to concepts and practices such as Wabi Sabi. I engage in collaborative initiatives in art and architecture with Professor Shinichi Ogawa, Tokyo, and Neil Gillespie, Edinburgh.

The film was made in May 2022. It records the exhibition at the Pier Gallery which brings together a group of paintings from the 1980s with a series of new works, and a drawing made directly on the gallery wall.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion including Alan Johnston, the Curator of the Pier Arts Centre Andrew Parkinson, and FEUVA Trustee and filmmaker Margaret Stewart.

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image of Alan Johnston at the Pier 2 Gallery
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