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A view of Alan Johnston’s work at the ‘Beyond the Flow’ Exhibition, the Pier Art Centre, Stromness, Orkney

sculpture in iron on the top of a hill near Langholm, Scottish Borders a memorial to the poet Hugh MacDairmid

The MacDairmid memorial, Langholm, Scottish Borders, by Jake Harvey

‘My creative stimulus comes from many sources but frequently evolves from drawing things seen and imagined, from lived encounters with the landscape and, in the reductive process of carving, from embracing the tangential ways of making that evolve. … sculptures carved in basalt, granite, marble and porphyry relates to a material and a way of working it. In a broader context it links to my aim to create simple sculptural forms; works of distilled essence that invite deliberation from the viewer; sculptures made by a process of paring down and refining in terms of both form and concept.’


Jake Harvey RSA, is widely known and admired for works such as the MacDairmid Memorial near Langholm, and his contribution to An Turas on Tiree, Western isles. He was born in Kelso in the Scottish Borders where he still lives and works.

This film illustrates Jake’s approaches to his work. It feature the landscape around Yetholm which he describes as having  been the recurring fundamental influences on his work, a spell in India researching and sourcing stone, his working methods in his workshop/studio and the origins of his  creative thinking which range from geology to poetry and from landscape to artistic theory.  Jake studied at Edinburgh College of Art between 1966 and 1972, and later became Head of the School of Sculpture there for eleven years and is now Emeritus Professor of Sculpture.

Michael Snowden in his Studio.

Filmed and edited by Glen Shepherd.

With an interview by Robin Paine MFA, Chair Friends of Edinburgh University Visual Arts.
A visit to the extraordinary studio of eminent sculptor Michael Snowden
Situated in a former silversmith’s workshop in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. The studio is a repository of a life’s work.  Michael also taught sculpture at Edinburgh College of art from 1965 – 1995. The film ends with a tribute to Michael from a former student, Jill Watson MRSS.

Alan Johnston – Artist.  A Film by Theo Panagopoulos

Alan Johnston has been at the forefront of contemporary art in Scotland since the 1960s. From his base in Edinburgh he has exhibited in galleries across the world, most frequently in Germany, The Netherlands and especially Japan, where he has collaborated with his friend the architect Shinichi Ogawa on many occasions.

Alan Johnston taught drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art for over four decades, instilling in his students a sense of the boundless possibilities of art as well as paving the way for Scottish artists such as Douglas Gordon and Callum Innes to find a place on the international stage.

Portrait of Theo Panagopoulos maker of the film about Artist Alan Johnston

About Theo Panagopoulos

Theo Panagopoulos is a Greek-Lebanese-Palestinian filmmaker and film curator. He completed his Master’s degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 2020 and is now a PhD candidate at the University of West of Scotland.

His work explores through an ethical and intersectional way themes of memory, politics, fragmented identity and language connected to collective trauma and healing.

27th April 2021 at 18:30 Online

Helen Miles Mosaic Artist:  Lewis Raeburn

Lewis Raeburn is a 2nd year student at Edinburgh College of Art studying Film and TV with a focus on cinematography and documentary filmmaking.

Since 2018 he has been working as a freelance camera operator on productions in Edinburgh including his recent work with FEUVA.

In the future he is planning to shoot more documentaries on topics such as art, foreign affairs and the environment.

Lewis Raeburn - ECA 2021

Lewis Raeburn

Helen Miles Mosaic Artist - by Lewis Raeburn ECA Yr 2

4th May 2021 at 18:30 Online

Jock McFadyen Artist: by Lucas Melian Batista and Elvira Lopez Rueda

Born in the Canary Islands, Lucas Melian moved to Edinburgh to study Film and TV Production at Edinburgh College of Art. Although he has focused on writing and directing short drama, he looks to explore documentary and interview filmmaking; starting with his collaboration with FEUVA.
In the future, Lucas aspires to write screenplays for film and TV and direct his own short pieces.

A Native of Seville, Elvira Lopez Rueda is a Film & TV and Social Anthropology student based in Edinburgh who focuses on writing and directing short films.  In the future, she is planning to keep exploring the intersection of her two disciplines through the production of films and documentaries that deal with human conflict in different cultures. Elvira is also developing her career as an actress.

Jock McFadyen Artist - Film by Lucas Melian Batista
Elvira Lopez Rueda and Lucas Melian Batista Students of Film and TV at ECA 2021

Elvira Lopez Rueda & Lucas Melian Batista

11th May 2021 at 18:30 Online

Alexander Moffat Artist: Andrew Michael and Chester Briscall-Harvey

Andrew Michael is based in Edinburgh and London with experience in short film production for both drama and documentary. He has produced films that have gone onto their selection at festivals both in the UK and Europe. Andrew aspires to be a producer-director of short-form documentary content.

Born in Canterbury, Chester Briscall Harvey is graduating this year from The University of Edinburgh specialising in Film and Television production. His focus has been largely in the camera department but has also written and directed shorts. After graduating, Chester hopes to break into the industry as a camera assistant.

Andrew Michael & Chester Briscall Harvey - Alexander Moffat

Andrew Michael and Chester Briscall Harvey

Alexander Moffat - Artist
Poet Sorley MacLean by Alexander Moffat
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