• Brent Millar, Untiled, 1970s


Founded in 2015, from the former Friends of the Talbot Rice Gallery, we are a voluntary organisation and a registered Scottish charity. Our primary aim is to support art activities at Edinburgh College of Art, the art collections of the University and the Talbot Rice Art Gallery.

The collections of Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh are now in the care of Centre for Research Collections. As a bridge between the University and the wider community FEUVA provides a unique opportunity to publicise and increase enjoyment of these extraordinary collections. We support, through the University’s programmes, all forms of art-making from applied arts to film, and sculpture to architecture, as well as the University’s rich collections of historical portraits, sculpture, ceramics, and its more recently acquired collections of student work and gifts from artists. To fulfil these aims FEUVA, in partnership with curatorial and other staff of the University, will raise funds through subscriptions, ticket sales and by seeking private sponsorship. The Friends will benefit from a programme of social events, lectures and special visits.


FEUVA Student Prize

This prize is given annually at the ECA Degree Show for an outstanding work by a graduating student.


A donation towards the cost of a Collections’ publication, or for the acquisition of a graduating student’s artwork for the University’s collection.

Lectures and Visits

Each year from October to May we organise a different annual programme which includes where appropriate, lectures, films and special visits given by guest lecturers, and exhibition previews.

FEUVA woodcut by Jonathan Gibbs

FEUVA woodcut by Jonathan Gibbs


It is hoped that we will in future be able to provide financial support for student programmes in the form of travel grants for site visits and materials that cannot normally be supported by ECA. We have been working closely with the Centre for Research Collections and the staff of ECA to improve and develop our programmes and to refine and expand our remit to include support for their exhibition programmes.

This is an exciting time for FEUVA in which we will consolidate the new organisation and formulate plans for expansion and, most exciting of all, find new ways to offer financial benefits to the visual arts community of the University.


Chair: Robin Paine, artist and freelance lecturer and writer on art. ECA alumna and former Alumni Association representative in USA
Treasurer: Robert Anderson, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Edinburgh
Secretary: Margaret Stewart, Lecturer in Architectural History and Honorary Curator of the ECA plaster cast collection
Trustee: Jonathan Gibbs, Programme Director, Illustration, School of Design, ECA
Trustee: Bill Hare, visiting lecturer in art history at ECA, and freelance exhibition curator
Trustee: Marilyn Minchom, Retired Academic Support Tutor, ECA
Trustee: Roger Tarr, Emeritus Lecturer in Art History, University of Edinburgh
Trustee: John Young, Educational Psychologist
Ex-officio trustees representing the University of Edinburgh: Jacky MacBeath, Head of Museums, Deputy Head of the Centre for Research Collections, and Tessa Giblin, Director of Talbot Rice Gallery

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